Pictures of vegetable plant blooms

Look close at the stem of the small, yellow blooms of this CUCUMBER plant and you can see the beginning swell of a cucumber.

BELL PEPPER blooms are about 1 inch across and hang down. I bent the stem to catch of view of this bloom. At the top of the photo, near the right, are flower buds.

The blooms of the 
bush variety of GREEN BEANS 
are about the size of your thumbnail.

A bee enjoys the shade under this EGGPLANT bloom.

Not just blooms in this picture. Two PEA pods show on the right above the rule.

The PUMPKIN bloom is large, about 6 inches across, and the bloom is edible.  

The reddish buds of RADISH open to a fragile white bloom less than 1/2 inch across.

Not exactly a bloom, the arrow is pointing to the beginning of a cob on this SWEET CORN.  

The yellow TOMATO blooms on upper right were camera shy so we don’t see their faces. Over the ruler at about the 2 inch mark is a tiny green tomato. The orange visible on the bottom left is from marigold blooms, once thought to keep rabbits away. I plant marigolds near my tomato plants as a tradition.

The bloom of ZUCCHINI (or summer squash) is 4 to 6 inches across.  In the picture above, a group of buds are shown on the left and a mature zucchini is shown on the ground in the center. One bloom creates one zucchini. In the picture below, you can see the blossom at the end of a maturing zucchini.

It's the buds of BROCCOLI that we eat. If the budded head is not cut off, broccoli with produce blooms as shown in the picture above. This blooming process is known as "bolting."

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