Raised Gardening Options for Physically-Restricted People

Raised beds are typically wooden boxes that are 1 to 3 feet tall and 3 to 5 feet across.   Brick, concrete blocks or large stones can also be used to create raised beds.

Height and Width Recommendations

A raised garden can be a simple four-sided box with corner posts of pressure treated lumber imbedded into the ground.  The box is bottom-less.  The gardener needs to be able to reach the center of the raised bed, so a container accessible from all sides should be no more than 4 to 5 feet wide. 

For a Seated Gardener.  When building a raised bed for someone who will work in the garden while seated (whether from a wheelchair or a movable stool), match the height of the sides of the box to the height of chair’s seat.  This measurement also allows someone to sit on the side of the container. 

For a Standing Gardener.  A waist-high box is good for a standing gardener.   Waist-high raised gardens can have false bottoms to reduce the amount of soil needed; for instance, the side may be 3 feet tall, but a base is installed 15 inches down from the top of the box.  The sides of waist-high boxes can be completely covered or the box can 15 to 18 inches tall and supported on legs, with the bottom open to create storage space beneath the box.
Non-Box Raised Garden Ideas

Bench.  Another option for a raised garden is to use a wooden two-seater bench.  The bench would be sturdy enough to hold plastic pots filled with soil and vegetation.  Underneath the bench, you can store bags of soil and hand tools on a rollout wheeled plant caddie, a device typically used under a heavy pot to more readily move it.

Flower Box.  What makes flower boxes a marvelous choice is the fact that you can plant and water the plants, deadhead flowers, and clip flowers for vases, all from inside the house.  Planter boxes can also be installed on the side rails of a deck or porch 

Hanging Planters.  Hanging plants and plant stands are also an option.   Hanging plants can be suspended from a wall bracket, placing the plant at an easy to reach level.