Garden in a Safe and Healthy Way

For many gardeners preparing, planting, or maintaining their flower or vegetable garden, is a joyful event, much like a hobby, that they partake in a leisurely fashion. Still, there are measures that should be taken to ensure your time spent gardening is a safe and healthy event.
  • If you will be using digging tools, wear proper shoes to not only protect your toes, but to provide some stiffness on the sole of the foot as a barrier between the shovel or spade as you push your foot on the tool.
  • Protect your hands from blisters, cuts, and pricks by wearing sturdy gloves, like those made of leather.
  • Slather on some sunscreen lotion or wear a long sleeved shirt and long pants to protect your skin from the ravages of the sun. Long sleeves and pants can also protect you from scratches when working in areas that have high or thick vegetation.
  • Put on a very wide brimmed hat that shades your face and neck. The hat will also protect your hair from the drying, bleaching effects of the sun. You can add a folded wash cloth at the front brim of the hat or a tie a bandana around your forehead before putting on the hat to absorb perspiration that might otherwise run into your eyes.
  • Use a knee pad when kneeling on the ground. Lift heavy objects properly by bending your knees to pick up the object, not by bending over to lift it.
  • For your safety, read and understand the instruction of power tools before you operate them.