Best flowers to grow to create dried flower wreaths

A dried flower wreath begins with a foam, straw or wire wreath base. Glue or wire dried flowers of varying size or colors to the base to go with your decorating colors. You could pickup dried flowers at the craft store, but why not grow and dry your own flowers to make wreaths? Some of the best flowers to grow to create dried flower wreaths are perennials that will return year after year.


Chives produce pinkish colored globe blooms amidst grass-like foliage. Plant chives from pots in spring or fall in full sun. Chives will flower from June to July. Watch for when the blooms first start to open to cut the flower’s stem. Gather a bunch, tie the stems together and then hang them upside-down to dry.

English Lavender

The fragrance of English lavender is unbeatable making it one of the most popular dried flowers. In the ground or potted, pinching the buds will cause lavender to emit its delightful scent. Plant lavender from pots in early spring or early fall in a location where it will receive full sun. Harvest lavender before the buds open. Cut the stems low on the shrub, tie the stems together and hang them upside-down to dry.


The hydrangea shrub produces large pink or blue flowers depending on the acidic level of the soil. Plant this shrub in early spring in full sun. Hydrangea may wilt a little in the afternoon in hot zones, but will perk up when watered. Any alternative to ensure no late afternoon drooping is to plant hydrangea where it will receive shade or dappled shade in the late afternoon. When the blooms are full, cut the stems and hang them singularly upside-down to dry. The large blooms of hydrangea will cover large areas of your dried flower wreaths.

Lady’s Mantle

Plant lady’s mantle in spring or fall in a sunny to partially shady location. Lady’s Mantle may not bloom the first year. When it does bloom, in will be in June. When the flowers are in full bloom cut the stems, tie about three stems together and then hang them upside-down to dry. Lady’s Mantel produces yellow-green blossoms that make except dried flowers for a wreath or in a vase.

Yarrow (yellow flower)

Yarrow comes in many varieties and colors. Though any color of yarrow will produce great results, blooms in bright yellow or shades of red can add striking colors to dried flower wreaths. Pick a sunny location to plant yarrow in spring or fall. Large clusters of blooms will appear starting in June. When the flowers are in full bloom, clip the stems about 1/3 up from the ground. Hang them individually upside-down to dry.