Bright flowers give the garden a punch of color

Add these flowers to your garden in groupings to create a brightly colored garden.


Blanket flower, also called Indian flower or goblin, grown up to 18 inches tall in full sun. Blooming of yellow, orange and red start appearing midsummer and continue to bloom. You can deadhead to encourage more blooms. Let some blooms remain to dry and drop seed if you want to expand your garden with this self-seeder.

Garden mum comes in a variety of autumnal colors like deep burgundy, orange and yellow. This perennial grows up to 24 inches in full sun. Divide the root ball every three to four years to create more plants.

Zinnia grows to about 18 inches in full sun. Zinnia is an annual the blooms anywhere from mid spring to mid fall depending on the variety that you choose. Bright colors include orange, gold and dark red.

Other orange flowers to consider: daylily, goldenrod, poppy and trumpet vine.


Black-eyed Susan grows from 12 to 36 inches and can be a biennial or perennial. Check the plant label for specifics. Grows under full sun but can take some shade.

Coreopsis comes in lots of different varieties from moonbeam, which grows to about 1 foot tall and has blooms less than half an inch across, to the tall bigfoot variety with bloom looking daisy-like at one and half inches across.

Evening primrose grows about 12 inches tall in full sun. This perennial is also drought-tolerant.

Other yellow flower options:  marigold, pansy, tulip and sunflower garden mum.


Aster is a super tall perennial flower blooms in late summer and can reach a height up to 48 inches. Divide the root ball every few years to create more plants.

Bee balm grows between 36 and 48 inches in full sun to partial shade. Not a true red, the color is more maroon, but still in the red family. The bloom is particularly interesting, looking vaguely like a daisy when looking down on the bloom, but from the side, you can see it has a pineapple-like quality.

Poppy, which also comes in yellow, is an annual flower reaching between 12 and 18 inches in height. It blooms in full sun in early summer.

Other red flowers:  Bleeding heart, carnation, coreopsis, garden mum, geranium and hollyhock.