Impatiens—grow indoors or outdoors

A popular annual flower, impatiens grow best in full shade to part shade though they can handle a few hours of morning sun. Because they enjoy the shade, impatiens can also be planted indoors; just make sure they are close to indirect sunlight.

Impatiens come in pink, red, purple, orange and white. The height and width of a mature impatiens is between 8 to 12 inches. When buying impatiens, the best ones to choose are those with short legs. If the flower flat you bought has some longer stemmed plants, they will grow and fill out okay, but they start out looking spindly. 

Plant 10 to 12 inches apart in spring in a well-drained shady location or in planters or window flower boxes. They will fill out making them a colorful choice as ground cover, as a border or in and around other plants. Buy a few extra plants to pot for in-house enjoyment.

Though impatiens is an annual flower, the plant drop seeds that can make it through the winter in USDA planting zone 5 and south.

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