Country cottage garden size and location

Small scale country cottage-style garden
Cottage garden location

The riot of flower colors that form the thicket of a country garden, or English cottage garden, is a wonderful sight in a rural setting. However, a large, lush flower garden is not appreciated in all urban communities. If your neighborhood is comprised of houses fronted by a yard highlighted with only minimal landscaping, you might want to plan your country garden landscape design for a less visible area, like the backyard. How fun that would be to have a secret garden that only family and friends share! If an urban front yard flower garden is preferred, consider planting an island of flowers or a strip of flowers, perhaps across the front of the house instead of foundation plants.
Cottage garden size

A flower garden requires care such as pruning, deadheading, watering, fertilizing and dividing established perennials just to name a few. Time and good health are two factors that affect the continued success of the flower garden. If you have the time and ability to tend the garden, then size is no issue. For the beginner or weekend gardener, a small-scale garden will offer beauty along with the satisfaction of knowing that you grew it yourself. If you are restricted to a wheel chair or use a walker or cane, you may find raised gardener or container gardener more suitable.

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