Difference between garden mums and florist mums

Mums, the shortened word for chrysanthemums, are a bushy plant that produces blooms of yellow, white, orange, mauve, purple or rust. Garden mums are the type you plant outdoors while florist mums are intended for a brief growing cycle and do not survive frost. Garden mums are cold hardy in USDA planting zones 5a through 9b. Because of the USDA hardiness rating, garden mums are also known as hardy mums. Florist mums may perform well outdoors in the warmer climates of USDA zones 8 though 10.

To further explain, garden mums have a more advanced root system to help the plant survive outdoors through cold winter months. Florist mums lack this highly developed root system. Mums in general bloom when day light hours grow shorter. Florist mums require almost twice as much shortened day light time to bloom (average about 11 weeks) as garden mums (average about 6 weeks).
Mums surrounded by Russian sage, pansy, and sweet alyssum

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