Established tree and mature tree, what are they?

I received an email inquiry about what constitutes an established tree or mature tree. For assistance in answering this question correctly, I contacted the University of Minnesota’s Department of Forest Resources Extension Outreach Program. Justin Meier, an outdoor living expert in the program, told me:
A mature tree is one that has reached a desired size/age for its intended use in the landscape. Size and age will vary depending on the tree species and its intended use.

An established tree, especially in a landscape setting, is one that has recovered from transplant shock/stress. Transplanting is stressful on a tree due especially to extreme root loss and desiccation (dehydration). At this point the tree should be healthy overall in the landscape. This process can take up to a few years after transplanting and is not based on age or size.

Thanks, reader, for your email and thanks Mr. Meier, for your help!

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