The meaning of camellia flowers and shrubs

Brief History of Why Flowers Have Meanings

Flowers decorate floats, weddings and funerals. We grow flowers to add beauty to our landscape and clip stems of flowers to bring their beauty indoors. Some flowers have medicinal purposes. Flowers play such an important role in our lives that back even in biblical times, flowers were giving symbolic meanings. During the reign of Queen Victorian (1837 to 1901), which was known as the Victorian Era, meanings were assigned to flowers giving them specific significance that could fall into several categories like human emotions, qualities or endeavors, or spiritual significance. Those flower meanings could be things like happiness, perfection, good luck, or faith. If a man presented a bouquet or single flower to a woman, the woman and anyone who saw the flowers would know how the man felt about her.

The Camellia Shrub

The camellia flower grows on the camellia shrub, which is an evergreen shrub cold hearty is U.S. Department of Agriculture planting zones 6 through 8. You can plant camellia shrubs in late fall or early spring in partial shade where they will be protected from late afternoon sun. When planting multiple shrubs, space them at least 6 to 8 feet apart to provide room for growth.

If you are giving the camellia shrub as a gift, the camellia shrub has several meanings including gratitude, perfection and admiration.

Camellia Flower Meanings

The flowers of the camellia shrub open in late winter and, in warmer zones, may bloom again in late fall. The flowers of the camellia shrub may be pink, red or white, or have varigated colors. The pink camellia flower means longing, the red flower means you are a flame in my heart, while the white camellia flower means adoration, perfection or loveliness.

Cutting and Displaying Camellia Flowers Indoors

Camellia flowers are best displayed in a shallow container. Cut the stem outdoors about 1 inch longer than the container is tall. Remove most of the leaves on the lower stem. When indoors, cut the stem again under water and on an angle. Place the camellia flowers in room temperature water treated with a fresh flower compound to help preserve the bloom. Place in an indirect lighting location preferably with high humidity.

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