New to vegetable gardening? Try these easy to grow vegetables

Few things bother me as much as someone telling me something is easy when to me, the task that I have never done before sounds intimidating. Yet here I am, using easy to describe vegetable gardening. The vegetables I’m suggesting for the beginning gardener are those that only require watering and keeping weeds away since weeds can steal nutrients from the soil and block sunlight. No yard space to convert to a garden?

You can plant these vegetables in pots! In the picture above, I planted four romaine lettuce plants.

Buy starter plants

There’s no need to start seeds in advance. Let the nursery take the hassle out of starting seeds. The nursery grows seeds in small disposal plastic containers or biodegradable fiber containers. The nursery cares for the plants until they are a few inches tall. Garden centers sell starter plants at the proper planting time.

I suggest starter plants because they provide instant gratification. You don’t have to fuss with how deep to plant seeds, fear of washing the seeds away when watering them, or thinning the growth to the proper distance once seedlings appear. The nursery did that all for you.

Early spring: lettuce and or broccoli
Take pictures of your garden plants
to remember what grew well.

Once the ground is workable, buy Romaine lettuce and/or broccoli starter plants. You may find that the price of four Romaine lettuce starter plants is about the same price of one Romaine lettuce from the grocery. How is that for a bargain to get four stalks of Romaine lettuce for the price of one?!

Limit how many plants you buy to how much you can eat or freeze. Lettuce lasts in the refrigerator for a week to 10 days. Blanche and freeze extra broccoli. For the first time vegetable gardener, I suggest four plants each of Romaine lettuce and broccoli.

Late spring: green beans, zucchini or green peppers

Green beans (also called snap beans), zucchini and green peppers are easy to grow starter vegetable plants to buy in late spring. Choose one or all three. Look for bush beans so no trellis is needed. The vine of zucchini (shown above) needs lots of room to spread. I suggest four each of green beans and green peppers, and one or two zucchini plants. Blanche and freeze surplus vegetables.

In case you are wondering, I left tomatoes off this list of easy vegetables to grow because they need support to hold up the branches with the weight of the tomatoes.