Seed starter pots made from newspaper

Starting vegetable or flower seeds indoors in early spring can help us get a jumpstart on planting gardens once the soil temperature is suitable for planting. I like using old newspaper to create plant pots for seedlings. The entire newspaper-pot is planted. What could be easier?

To make a seed pot, use one sheet from a newspaper. Lay the sheet lengthwise on a flat surface. Fold the long side to meet the opposite long side and fold the sheet in half. Repeat again, folding the sheet in half until the sheet is about (or at least) 3 inches tall.

Wrap the paper around the open end of a water glass or other cylinder-shaped item. I use a piece of PVC pipe. Place the lip of the glass about half way on the folded newspaper strip, and then start wrapping the folded newspaper around the glass.
After rolling the newspaper around the glass, fold the newspaper toward the interior of the glass. These folds create the base of the starter pot.

Neatness does not count. Above is a view of the bottom of starter pot once the edges of the newspaper are folded in. Work the pot off the glass.

Place the paper starter pots on a waterproof tray. Fill the tray with as many starter pots as needed and push the pots snuggly together. Add fresh potting soil to each paper pot. Use about three seeds per starter pot. Keep the soil moist through germination. When it’s time to plant, create an opening in the soil for the whole starter pot. The newspaper will slowly decay in the soil.