Blank wall landscaping ideas

Like a blank artist canvas, an unadorned blank wall in your yard is waiting for adornment. The blank wall may be the side of the garage or a fence, especially a solid fence of brick or wood. These structures may block views and provide privacy, which is helpful in creating a backyard oasis. I was seeking a way to enhance a blank wall in my backyard. The objective is to use landscape design techniques to create a pleasant view that adds to the allure of sitting outdoors. Choose one or more of the plants from my landscape design project or follow the concept to pick your own plants to adorn your blank wall.

Climbing plants

Set a trellis at least 12 inches from the blank wall to allow air to circulate behind the trellis. For a long wall, set an odd number of trellis such as one in the center of the wall and one on each end. Another option is to create a trellis that completely covers the face of the blank wall, a measure that helps when the view or condition of the wall is poor. Next, choose a climbing plant or two for each trellis.

Clematis vine provides flowers for several weeks, from late spring into summer. Most clematis prefer full sun; however, bicolor clematis, like Nelly Moser, benefit from afternoon shade. Clematis is deciduous, returning each spring to present blooms.

Black-eyed Susan vine grows up to 8 feet in full sun to full shade. Blooms may be white, yellow or orange. If you want year-around color, choose black-eyed Susan for its evergreen leaves.

‘Golden Showers’ is my favorite variety of climbing rose. Its lightly scented yellow blooms fade to creamy white. The varying stages of maturity of the blooms give ‘Golden Showers’ the appearance of duo colored blooms. ‘Golden Showers’ grow about 12 feet tall and in full sun to partial shade.

Wall decoration

Visit your local home and garden center for outdoor d├ęcor such as a wall-hung fountain or weather-sturdy clock or mirror (only suitable for an area without direct sunlight). I chose decorative tile.

Boxwood shrubs

Finish the landscape design for your blank wall by setting a row of boxwood, an evergreen shrub, to create a border in front of other plants. Consider varieties like ‘Green Leaf’ or ‘Compacta’ that maintain a short stature, meaning little upkeep. Boxwood is suitable for part shade to full sun locations, with part shade the preferred setting.