Hand hoe, the all-purpose garden tool

This garden tool has a 14-inch handle and a spearhead point. Some models of the hand hoe have a double-sided head where the opposite tool head might be a two-prong fork. The hand hoe has many uses. This hoe is also referred to as a "Warren hoe."

Removing deep-rooted weeds
This garden tool makes it easier to pull deep-rooted weeds such as dandelions. I place the palm of my hand on the neck of the hoe and with the point on the ground next to the weed (the handle is horizontal to the ground), force the point into the ground, and then pull the handle up, which pops the weed up.

Digging shallow trenches

Make a crisp line between flower beds and the lawn. Hold the end of the hoe handle and bring the pointed end down forcibly in the area you want to clear of grass and weeds. The point of the hand hoe can penetrate the soil 2 to 4 inches. Push the handle to pry up the grass or weeds. Flip the loosened chuck of soil and pound it with the point of the hand hoe to break the dirt clump. Grasp loosened the grass or weed and shake to remove the soil. Toss the grass or weed.

Planting flowers

Speed up the process of planting flower plugs. I like to pop several flower plugs from the nursery tray to rapidly plant them. Push the point of the hand hoe into the ground, push the handle back to create a V-shape opening in the soil, and then drop in the flower plug. Use the head of the hoe to tamp down the soil around the plug.