Homemade plant caddy or plant dolly

With a tall plant in a large pot, like an evergreen shrub, it can be difficult to move. Some large pots are set in place and left there, indefinitely. Other large potted plants are considered part of d├ęcor, whether indoors or outside. I like to relocate potted plants on my patio to accommodate different seating arrangements when guests arrive or to regroup the pots for winter storage. Having a plant caddy, also called a plant dolly, makes it easier to relocate large potted plants by pushing the pot rather than trying to carry it.

I made a plant caddy from a cross section of a log before it was cut up for firewood. You could use two layers of plywood, cut to match (or slightly exceed) the base of the pot and screwed together. Apply a waterproof finish and attach four casters in a box-shape on the bottom about 1 inch from the edge.