Corner of house easy landscaping ideas

A common landscaping method for the front of the house is a row of low evergreen shrubs with a tall evergreen shrub at each corner of the house. There is nothing wrong with that time-honored tradition that fits most house designs. Savvy homeowners, however, may find that they can enhance the curb appeal of their house by going beyond the common theme. You do not have to hire a professional landscape designer to create a landscaping plan for the corner of your house. With shovels and plants from your local garden center, you can transform your landscape design beyond ordinary.

Form a peninsula
Remove sod to create a peninsula extending outward from the corner of the house. For instance, try a semi-circle or half-oval about 6 feet across. Plant a small tree, like a Japanese maple or flowering dogwood, near the outer perimeter of the new planting area. Set smaller plants, like evergreens shrubs or flowering plants as desired. For added appeal, add a lawn ornament such as a gazing ball or bird bath. Cover the area with 2 to 4 inches of mulch to retain moisture and block weed growth.

Create a seating area
Lay brick, cobblestone, or other preferred patio surface. Design the patio in a circle or other desired shape. For privacy, plant shrubs as needed around the patio. This landscaping option is particularly beneficial when a door is near the corner of the house. When a patio is not needed, placing two chairs in the grass or on a small pad made from closely spaced concrete stepping stones can create a suitable focal point at the corner of the house.

Showcase your favorite flowers
Install an arch or arbor at the side of the house, placing the arbor parallel to the front of the house. The arch or arbor creates an entry to the side of the house. Trail a climbing plant, such as clematis or roses, across the arch or arbor. As an alternative to installing a structure for climbing plants, set out a profusion of flowers such as purple coneflower and yellow coreopsis or continuous bloom rose shrubs such as the Knockout variety. Intersperse evergreen shrubs. In a shady area, plant options may include ferns, hasta, impatiens, astilbe, or hydrangea.


A strategically placed landscaping object adds interest and creates a focal point. Consider a large boulder or concrete ball at the curve of a walkway around the corner of the house. Use boulders or small concrete balls of varying sizes in a landscape peninsula. Check garden centers for landscaping objects available in your area that may include sundials, small statues, or brass or stainless steel artistic designs.

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By Barbara Raskauskas