Keep deer, birds, cats, dogs, or rabbits out of the garden


The best way to keep deer out of the garden is to install a fence around the garden. The fence needs to be at least 8 feet tall. A shorter fence, like the one above, is easy for a deer to jump. A dog that lives outdoors may be sufficient to keep deer away from your garden without the need for a fence.
An old-fashioned scarecrow on a stake is a whimsical garden feature. However, we know that a stuffed image that somewhat resembles a person is not sufficient to keep birds away. The better choice is to hang something shiny throughout the garden, such as old CDs disks or aluminum pie pans. Alternatively, garden netting placed across growing plants may prevent birds from getting to your valuable garden plants.
I use chicken wire to create a cage over strawberry plants in a window box. The cage is open on the window side so I can harvest strawberries from inside the house.
Cats and dogs and rabbits
If the cat or dog belongs to a neighbor, let them know. They may honestly not know that their pet is invading your garden and will take steps to prevent it. If you do not know the animals' owner, then contact your local animal control office or pet rescue. My preferred method is to create a perimeter around that garden using chicken wire, which is effective to keep out dogs and cats and rabbits.

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