Growing peas

Plant peas in full sun in early spring according to seed package instructions, which may be late March or early April. Peas can be planted when the soil is cool, as low as 45 degrees, but will germinate faster if the soil is warmer. Plant the peas about 1 inch apart in rows that are 18 to 24 inches apart. Push the seed into the ground about 1 inch. The vine length may be 2 to 8 feet depending on the
variety of peas you choose. Set a trellis for peas that grow over 2 feet tall. A trellis designed with twine provides a good support though any material will work including wire. Keep the soil moist as the peas grow.

Harvesting peas

When the peas start bulging in the pod, it is time to harvest. Remove the whole pod from the vine. To release the peas from the pod, squeeze the pod gently at the seam. The pressure should cause the pod to split open. Use your thumb to force the peas from their stem.
Peas grown in a planter
Garden peas at five weeks
I experimented with growing peas in a flower box planter. I used chicken wire to support the vines. Worked okay!

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