Garden Weasel lawn edger

That crisp line between grass and flower beds can be created in several ways. I have used a power edger, which cuts down 2 to 3 inches. I have also used a string edger (weed whacker), a spade, and a shovel. The spade and shovel worked best because they reach deep into the soil to disturb plants roots and stop unwanted plants from creeping into a flower bed or protruding over a walkway or driveway. And then I discovered the Garden Weasel lawn edger.
Features of the Garden Weasel lawn edger
On a recent trip to Lowes, I spied the Garden Weasel lawn edger. Weighing about three pounds, this garden tool is 38 inches tall and has a pointed cutting edge about 8 inches across. It is like a mini spade. At Lowes in my area (east coast), it costs $22.98. There are three features of the Garden Weasel lawn edger garden tool that I love. 
  1. The blade is shorter than the blade of a spade.
  2. The "shoulder" (where you place your foot to push the blade into the soil) is wider than the shoulder of a spade.
  3. The T-handle adds to the push power.
Using the Garden Weasel lawn edger
There were no instructions with the tool, but I figure there are at least two options to use the Garden Weasel lawn edger to create a distinct line between the grass and flower beds.
Option 1
Create a trough, a shallow gully as the distinction line. While standing in the grass, place the point of the lawn edger along the cutting line. With your foot on the shoulder of the blade, push straight down until the shoulder of the lawn edger is level to the soil (or as close the soil as desired). Lift the edger and reinsert the point further down the cutting line. The objective is cut a line the length of the flower bed.
Next, while standing in the garden bed, cut a line parallel to the first, but this time, push the point of the garden weasel at a slight angle to create a wedge of soil. The wedge might be 1 to 2 inches across. Lift the wedge out, leaving behind a shallow trough that creates a barrier between the grass and flower bed. Toss the wedge into the compost if desired.
Option 2
Standing in the flower bed, place the point of the lawn edger on your cutting line. Push the lawn edger into the soil on about a 45 degree angle. Use the tool to flip over sliver of soil. The roots in the turned over soil, now exposed to sunlight, should die. For dense clumps, shake loose soil and then toss the clump.
Overall opinion
The Garden Weasel lawn edger is the perfect garden tool for cutting out a flower bed. It takes little effort to push the point into the soil. In my loamy soil, it was super easy to cut a line in the soil. If you have heavy clay, you might want to water the area the day before.

I am NOT being paid by Garden Weasel to make this endorsement.