Christmas decorating ideas in green, red, and gold

Setting aside gardening during the colder months, I focus on indoor tasks, like crafts, sewing, or decorating for Christmas.

The Christmas Traditions and Customs' website article, The Colors of Christmas, indicates the origin of traditional Christmas colors that goes back thousands of years. Green is indicative of evergreen plants like holly and pine boughs that were brought indoors in the winter for their color or fragrance, much as we bring flowers indoors in the summer. Red, as found in the berries of holly, is said to represent the blood of crucified Jesus Christ. Gold represents sun, light, or the gold gift presented to the newborn Christ. Most stores that carry holiday decorations have a selection of Christmas ornaments and other decorations in red, green, or gold. Visit other departments in the store for decorating items that fit in with your Christmas color theme to decorate every room in your house with some of these decorating ideas. Above picture from SJoe.

Family/Living Room
An evergreen Christmas tree (real or artificial) is a common part of most holiday decorating. Purchasing ornaments for Christmas is easier with packaged ornaments in varying sizes. Plastic balls mimic the old-fashioned glass balls at a cheaper price and with no fear of breakage. String clear bulb lights on your Christmas tree to emphasize the red and gold decorations. Weave a garland of gold beads, gold ribbon, or gold tinsel garland around the tree before hanging red, green, and gold ornaments. Top the tree with a gold star or an angel in a red dress.

Arrange evergreen or holly boughs on a fireplace mantel or bookcase shelves. Tuck red or gold balls into the boughs.

Look for accessories in solid colors or plaids of green, red, or gold. Accessories may include throw pillows, lap blanket, Christmas stockings, or doormat. Hang a wreath with a red bow and small gold balls on a door, or over a fireplace or television. Do not forget red poinsettia plants and scented candles!
Kitchen/Dining Room
Suspend three to five of red, green, or gold Christmas ornaments from the window curtain rod. Display dishtowels, oven mits, apron, napkins, or tablecloth in your Christmas theme colors of green, red, and gold. Tie gold ribbons to top of dining chairs, letting the bow and streamers fall down the back of the chair. Use plastic gold-color plate chargers under dinner plates. Include red or green candles with your table setting. Set out a bowl or basket of apples or colored Christmas ornaments.
Drape a small holiday colored blanket across the foot of the bed. Place themed colored throw pillows on the bed or buy pillowcases that fit the red, green, and gold Christmas theme. Attach plaid, red, or gold bows to the windows (with suction cup) or bedposts. Hang a green wreath with plaid, red, or gold bow on the wall or door. Spray glue on pinecones and sprinkle with gold glitter. Scatter the pinecones on furniture or place in a bowl or basket.
In a child's bedroom, make personalized Christmas ornaments by writing their name in glue on a plastic ornament, then sprinkle with glitter. Or, use a series of Christmas ornaments, each with one letter of the child's name. Hang the balls from a drawer handle, curtain rod, window lock, twist knob of a lamp, or position the balls on a flat surface between two popsicle sticks or flat-sided pencils to hold the balls upright.