Flower box arrangements for sun

Flower box ideas for the south and west sides of the house

Walking into your local lawn and garden center, you may be initially overwhelmed by the number of sun-loving plants. Both annual and perennials are acceptable for flower boxes; however, plan to divide perennial plants about every four years. I prefer using annuals in flower boxes. Using annuals provides the option to try different arrangements each season instead of retaining a perennial flower box. The flower boxes above contains only French marigolds.

When choosing sun-loving plants for a flower box, start by thinking if you want to go with all one flower, or two or three different flowers. Also consider using a decorative grass or vining plant that will tumble over the edge of the planter.

Sun-loving plants suitable for a flower box

Many plants that thrive in full to part sun will enjoy life in a flower box. Choose flowers and foliage colors that go with the color of your house. For ideas, consider some of the following plants with expected height. This sunny flower box (right) contains geranium, sweet alyssum, and sweet potato vine. 
  • Annual phlox (6-18 inches)
  • Begonia (6-18 inches)
  • California poppy (up to 12 inches)
  • Dusty miller (12-24 inches)
  • Flowering tobacco (up to 12 inches)
  • Geranium (12-18 inches)
  • Gerbera daisy (up to 12 inches)
  • Marigold, pot variety (10-24) or French (8-12)
  • Pansy (4-9 inches)
  • Verbena (8 to 18 inches)
  • Zinnia (choose variety that grows up to 12 inches inches)

Gerbera daisy and ivy
  • Asparagus fern (12 to 36 inches)
  • Dill (Yes, the herb! (12-24 inches)
  • Fiber-optic grass (up to 12 inches)
  • Alyssum
  • Black-eyed Susan vine
  • Creeping Jenny
  • Golden buttons
  • Ivy
  • Nasturtium
  • Petunia
  • Sweet potato vine
  • Vinca

Varigated vinca, petunia, pansy
Check the moisture level daily by pushing your finger 1 to 2 inches into the soil. If it is dry, then water just until water comes out the drain holes. Remove dead blooms to encourage new growth. Trim plants that become too tall or if vining plants become too long.