Flower box arrangements for shade

Flower box ideas for the north and east sides of the house

Annuals are a good choice for flower boxes. When choosing shade-loving plants for a flower box, decide if you want to go with all the same plant, or two or three different plants, including flowers or foliage. Foliage may include decorative grass or vining plant that will tumble over the edge of the planter. Impatiens are shown in the flower box above.

Shade-loving plants suitable for a flower box

Choose flowers and foliage colors that go with the color of your house and also complement the colors of the room from which you are viewing the flower boxes. For ideas, consider some of the following plants with expected height. Floss flower and English ivy are shown above.

Floss flower (Ageratum) (6-12 inches)
Impatiens (6-24 inches)
Pansy (up to 6 inches)
Snapdragon (7-30 inches)
Bedding (or wax) begonia (6-9 inches)
Coleus (12-24 inches)

English ivy
Brief morning sun shines on these varieties of coleus.
Check the moisture several times a week by using a moisture gauge or by pushing your finger 1 to 2 inches into the soil. If it is dry, then water just until water comes out the drain holes. Remove dead blooms to encourage new growth. Trim plants that become too tall or if vining plants become too long.