Easy way to prevent weeds in your flower or vegetable garden

Removing weeds from your garden provides more growing spaces and soil nutrients for your flowers or vegetables. Early each spring, I remove all weeds from the planting area. After weed removal, I sprinkle the soil with Preen Weed Preventer, which is also known as Preen for Gardens. Preen prevents weed seeds from germinating for up to three months.

Using Preen around plants

If you already have plants in your garden, you can apply Preen around the plants. Seedling should be at least 3 inches tall before using Preen. Preen says that it is okay to sprinkle Preen over established plants as long as you brush the Preen off before watering or rainfall.

When and how to apply Preen

Apply Preen when the temperature is at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit and the plants are not wet. I push mulch out of the way, however, Preen indicates that it can be sprinkled on top of mulch and the
granules will work their way through the mulch when watered.
Preen's container comes with its own sprinkle mechanism. The label on the container tells how many ounces of Preen to use per square foot, which is not an easy direction. I have found great success sprinkling Preen so the granules are about the distance apart of the diameter of a dime (though sometimes they end up much closer). Immediately after applying, lightly water the area to activate the granules, or plan to apply the granules before an expected rainfall.
I apply Preen in late April and reapply in late July.
Yellow dots are Preen granules