Accessories to decorate the landscape or garden

Flowers, shrubs and trees expertly placed in the landscape around the house and along walkways can give a house an attractive appearance. Accessories to decorate the landscape or garden can shift that attractive appearance to an eye-catching spectacle.

When choosing accessories to decorate the landscape or garden, consider the scale of the object to the surrounding plants and be selective so the object accentuates the landscape without overpowering it.


Place a large ceramic vase-shaped container or urn near the edge of a group of plantings. Choose colors that will contrast with the surrounding vegetation. For instance, place a cobalt blue urn in an area of ferns or hostas.


A wooden chair or bench, like bent wood or an Adirondack, strategically placed at a curve or end of a walkway give a visitor a place to sit and enjoy the surroundings.

Gazing Balls and Spheres

Balls or spheres made of glass (also known as a gazing ball), shiny metal, concrete or polymer can rest on a stand or sit directly on the ground. Position the garden ball or sphere in a grouping of plants so the base of the ball is partially hidden. For more impact, use three balls of varying size.

Garden Fence

Fencing isn't just for protection. A log rail, picket, stone or brick fence can create an outdoor room for privacy or to direct foot traffic or the eye to a specific area of the landscape or garden.

Arch, Pergola or Arbor

Trailing flowers, like roses or clematis, provide a touch of beauty as they reach over an arch. Place the arch at the walkway entrance to a garden. Pergolas provide a romantic "roof" over a patio and from which lights can be hung. An arbor (or narrow pergola) can also be used to cover a stretch of walkway giving the impression of an outdoor hallway.

Wall D├ęcor

Use the "walls" (supporting beams) of a pergola or arbor to hang art objects designed for outdoor use, like pottery sun with outstretched flames or a personalized weather-sturdy sign.

Tripod, Monolith or Tower

Designed to support vining plants like clematis or sweet pea, a garden tripod, monolith or plant tower may be made of aged wood, metal, or vinyl. To draw the garden visitor's eye, place one of these plant stands deeper in the landscape.


Secure a trellis to the side of the house or garage for climbing plants like roses or trumpet vine.

Small Space Items

Bird baths, bird houses (on poles on hanging from trees), or sun dial can complement any landscape or garden and work well in small spaces.