Easy care white flowers for home garden landscaping

Adding plants around your house is a home improvement project that gives your house curb appeal. I maintain several flower gardens. Some flowers in my garden provide cuttings for floral arrangements. I include plants that produce white flowers to create mixed floral displays or all-white flower arrangements. Other white flowering plants serve as ground cover or to fill gaps in the flower garden. I also incorporate flowering shrubs in my landscaping projects. The best part about these white flowering plants is that they require little to no care.

White flowering ground cover, less than 12 inches tall
I have two preferred grown covers that produce white flowers. The first is a sun-loving perennial called candytuft that blooms in the spring. The second is an annual called sweet alyssum that is fragrant. Sweet alyssum grows in full sun to part shade and self-seeds so I usually see plenty of new plants the following spring. The hardiest ground cover I have is lily-of-the-valley. Its higher fragrant blooms display in spring where it grows in part shade. No special care is needed for these garden plants. Due to their diminutive nature, ground cover plants are not a good choice for floral arrangements but do make a great "skirt" around taller plants.

Sweet alyssum

Medium to tall white flowers, 12 to 36 inches tall
Astilbe and bleeding heart are shade perennials that bloom in the spring. Astilbe displays feathery plumes and bleeding heart displays nickel size heart-shaped blooms. Potted Easter lilies purchased around Easter time are forced to bloom on a specific date. Planted outdoors where they grow as a perennial, Easter lilies bloom in early summer. I have a fondness for all three of these flowers in my landscape. The bleeding heart is a delightful shape, the astilbe plume fades to a rusty color perfect for fall floral arrangements, and the white lily smells divine. These perennials benefit from having their root ball dug up and split every three to four years.
Bleeding heart

Shrubs with white flowers

Bridal wreath spirea
Rose of Sharon
Shrubs in my garden landscape that produce white blooms include evergreen azalea, and bridal wreath spirea and Rose of Sharon, which are deciduous shrubs. Azalea is a slow-grower that blooms in spring. Bridal wreath spirea presents highly scented blooms in spring while Rose of Sharon blooms from late spring into early fall. No special care is needed for any of these shrubs. Spirea and Rose of Sharon are fast growers that tolerate drastic pruning and still return to please me. I snip branches of blooming bridal wreath spirea for a stand-alone bouquet of white flowers.

Using white flowers and shrubs in landscape design

I use short shrubs, like azalea, as foundation plants in front of the house. Taller, fuller shrubs like Rose of Sharon and bridal wreath spirea, when planted side-by-side, provide a privacy screen. Medium to tall flowers look good against a background such as a fence or building. Use ground cover instead of mulch, as a border for a flower bed, or to fill-in empty areas in your flower garden.