Fill a porch vase with a long lasting arrangement

Fresh flowers from the market or your garden give your house that extra punch of color. I use flower vases for different reasons like to draw attention to a view, fill a niche, for beauty or for scent, or to give a touch of class just to name a few. The table you use on your front porch can also fill those reasons while at the same time giving your house curb appeal. Seasonally fresh flowers are definitely an option or try some of these long lasting arrangements on your front porch. The best part is, most can be used, switched out for the season, stored, and brought out again next year, making these decorating tips for vases an expensive way to show-off your porch.


Forsythia is a twig-like bush that blooms each spring in a yellow profusion of blossoms. By taking clippings from the bush just as buds form, they will bloom in the vase. After they bloom, you can strip the spent blossoms and leaves, and then use the remaining twigs as standalone vase filler or as height features for other arrangements. Spirea can also be used.

Cut a red or pink heart out of construction paper. Embellish the edge of the heart with glitter or lace to create a border, or leave plain. Place the heart on the inside of a short vase. Use red or pink tissue paper to stuff down into the jar, allowing it to extend out the top of the vase.

For Easter, stuff colored plastic "grass" (used in Easter baskets) into the bottom of a large, clear vase. Drop in plastic eggs (no candy).


Place an odd number of child-size whirly-gigs is a vase. Being in a vase will keep them from spinning; look upon this as a whimsical arrangement. A bunch of flags on sticks also make a good vase arrangement.

Long twigs, freed of leaves, can be used for an arrangement. For variety, spray paint them a vibrant color.

Cut bamboo from your yard or buy some from a craft store. Place odd numbers of the bamboo in a heavy vase. Bamboo can also be placed in a heavy container on the floor. Cattail, found wild along the road or purchased from a craft store makes long lasting arrangement for your porch (or house!) vase.

Look for natural items from your craft store that can stand in a vase. Examples of natural items include feathers, tried flowers (NOT plastic), eucalyptus, and reeds or twigs.


From your local craft store, purchase small diameter dowels and paint them black. Use white tissue paper to create ghosts to attach to the dowels for a Halloween vase filler. To do that, take a sheet of folded tissue paper, any size. Wad a white paper towel or toilet paper into a ball about the size of a golf ball. Place the balled paper in the center of the tissue paper to create the head of the ghost as you drape the tissue paper down. Use a string to tie the "neck" onto the dowel. Draw on eyes and mouth with a marker.

Your craft store will have autumnal-related decorations on sticks that also make a long lasting arrangement that can be used year after year.


As with summer and fall, long twigs, freed of leaves, can be used for a standalone arrangement or for height amongst other vase items. Color-wise, you can use them as-is, or spray paint the twigs silver or gold. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle white or colored glitter on the twigs.

Make paper snowflakes to hang with thread from the twigs.

Three separate arrangements using glass balls and twinkle lights: Fill a clear vase with just round Christmas balls (like you would use on a Christmas tree). Add a string of small, twinkle size lights to a clear vase. For a third option, mix the string of lights with the glass balls, wrapping the extra part of the light string around the base of the vase for a dazzling lit display.