Cottage Garden

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English cottage garden design for beginners

Creating a robust English cottage flower garden can begin with one or more small flower gardens that eventually fill out. Try one or all of these landscape design ideas to begin your English cottage flower garden. Read on...

Country cottage garden size and location

The riot of flower colors that form the thicket of a country garden, or English cottage garden, is a wonderful sight in a rural setting. However, a large, lush flower garden is not appreciated in all urban communities. If your neighborhood is comprised of houses fronted by a yard highlighted with only minimal landscaping, you might want to plan ... read on

Choosing flowers for a country cottage garden

You don’t have to have an English cottage to appreciate a country cottage garden. The appeal of a country garden is its almost jungle-like appearance of close-growing flowers of varying colors, heights and shapes. Selecting flowers for the garden may seem challenging, but you can take the stress out of plant shopping by following these plant selection tips. Read on....

Features of an English cottage garden

The proliferation of flowers is the allure of the English cottage garden, which is also called a cottage garden or a country garden. The cottage garden is for avid gardener because the garden requires much care. The plants of a cottage garden require weeding, pruning, deadheading, watering and ... read on

Tips to landscape a cottage style house

You can create a landscape design with an extravagant array of flowers and shrubs to accentuate the charm of your cottage style house whether or not there are plants in your landscape now. Read on...
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