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Glossy abelia
About flowering abelia shrubs
If I had to choose just one landscape shrub, it would be glossy abelia (Abelia x grandiflora). In USDA plant hardiness zones 6 though 9, abelia is semi-evergreen according to North Carolina State Cooperative Extension. Abelia will grow in most of the continental U.S., exclusive the states with... read on.

Shrubs for containers
Growing shrubs in containers is an easy way to bring landscape plants to a deck, porch, patio or front door. This list of shrubs fits into most landscape designs and house architecture. After planting the shrub in the container, add a layer of ... read on

Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon, also known as Althea, is a is blooming and self-seeding shrub of the hibiscus family. The trumpet shaped blooms of Rose of Sharon are about six inches across and can be blue, lavender, pink, red or white. Rose of Sharon starts blooming in... read on

Ensure your peony will bloom
The large, red, burgundy, pink, yellow, coral, or white blooms of a peony are striking. The peony bush, which grows two to four feet from a tuber, is a perennial that blooms in early spring, into summer. But what if you have a healthy looking peony bush that has not bloomed to deliver those spectacular visual treasures? Following are some tips to... read on

Transplanting a root bound potted tree or shrub
Trees and shrubs grown in containers, unlike those grown in the ground, can become root bound (or pot bound) as the roots expand in search of water or as part of their growth pattern. Besides affecting height and width, being root bound can inhibit... read on

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